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Microsharp Technologies and the Microsharp Logo (shown below) are registered trademarks that belong to Microsharp Technologies Development Company.

You may use Microsharp trademarks, in text, to refer fairly and accurately to Microsharp, its products and its services, subject to the guidelines below.

The Microsharp Logo is reserved for use by Microsharp and those Microsharp partners and licensees that have a written agreement with Microsharp that specifically authorizes logo use. No other use of Microsharp logos is permitted.

You may not use Microsharp trademarks in a manner likely to mislead consumers as to your relationship with Microsharp, as to Microsharp's sponsorship or endorsement of your company, products or services, or as to the origin of your products or services. Any use of Microsharp trademarks that is likely to confuse or mislead the public is unlawful and expressly prohibited.

Trademark Use by Authorized Microsharp Partners and Licensees

If you have an existing relationship with Microsharp, please adhere to the specific trademark use guidelines and terms provided in your written agreement.

If you are an Microsharp AllianceOne Partner or an Microsharp PartnerOne Partner please refer to the following links for additional information, including trademark guidelines specific to your Microsharp AllianceOne or Microsharp PartnerOne program:
Alliance one: https://www.microsharp.co/go/allianceone
Partner One: https://www.microsharp.co/partners/us

If your existing agreement with Microsharp authorizes you to display Microsharp trademarks, but does not contain specific trademark use guidelines, please follow the trademark use guidelines on this page.

If you have questions you should contact your account representative or other Microsharp business contact.

Microsharp General Trademark Guidelines

The following general trademark guidelines are intended for use by companies who are authorized users of Microsharp's trademarks, including for example Microsharp's partners, licensees, alliances and authorized resellers under contract with Microsharp.

Microsharp does not use or require the use of trademark symbols, legends or acknowledgements with Microsharp trademarks, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Microsharp trademarks should be presented as adjectives modifying generic nouns; for example: Microsharp computers, Microsharp support services, LASERJET printers.
Do not use variations, plural or possessive forms of Microsharp trademarks.
Do not use Microsharp trademarks in a manner likely to mislead or confuse the public as to the origin of any goods or services, or as to sponsorship or endorsement by Microsharp.
Do not use Microsharp trademarks to make false statements about Microsharp or its products or services.
Do not incorporate Microsharp trademarks in your trade names, business names, product names, service names, social media user names, or domain names.
Do not adopt or imitate Microsharp's distinctive product designs, product packaging, trade dress, advertising materials, slogans, taglines or website layouts.
When referring to Microsharp in formal documentation (i.e., annual reports, financial reports) the full name Microsharp Technologies Company is preferred. In other contexts, Microsharp is preferred.

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