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Throughout it's history, Microsharp has created or contributed significantly to technological innovations that have had a major impact on the web industry. Many of these were "firsts" and unique in our time. Hosting prices makes down and give the Good competition to the existing companies and created a new trend set in the web industry.
Microsharp Research Program (MRP) is designed to create opportunities at colleges and universities in South India for collaborative research with Microsahrp. So, we have recently started Industrial training with our best Technology Staff. Click here for the Phamplet for more information.

Great, you've got an idea and would like to share it with us!
Send a mail to info@microsharp.net and one of our innovator will intouch with you.

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    Change ‘highest rating’ sort method in Vantage so that it favors the best average rating!

    At present, the Highest Ratings filter in Vantage is flawed. If two advertisers have all five-star ratings, it prioritises the listing that was added to …

    added 27 days ago
     nickjonezy 2
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    A way to sell clicks, impressions, days for ads…

    Hi, I have another website, not wordpress related at all, and I use it to sell clicks / imrpessions on banner advertising. I was wondering, …

    added 27 days ago
     brianjester 1
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    Events Plugin for all themes created by appthemes to fit all

    Create a plugin that is just like the events part of vantage that is usable for any of the apptheme themes. This way you can …

    added 27 days ago
     jonaustin 6
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