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Appointment Management

Online Doctor Appointment application is a web service from anywhere anytime, any one can find the doctor. It has online search and appointments engine which allows patients to find doctor and book appointments online. System also has ability to send SMS reminders for appointment, prescription, dosage and diet instructions.

This application is a revolutionary patient relationship management service which connects doctors and patients in a way that benefits both and uses modern media including software as a service, SMS gateway. It helps clinic, poly clinics and hospital to create online platforms for doctors, patients and support staff to interact with each other anywhere anytime. The service also allows patients to write reviews about doctors they visit and make them available for others to read.

Doctors Appointment Software's Features

Connect with wider audience

Greater exposure through web, phone and mobile. Targeted campaigning through print and social media

Let more patients engage

Online Appointments bring real patients. Stronger engagement with patients who are currently unaccessible

Manage efficiently, build loyalty

Pre-visit reminders, stored patient history and post consultation messages build patient loyalty

Appointment 24/7, from anywhere

Patients can book an online appointment 24/7, at the click of a button or a phone call, with zero cost

No more long waits

Real-time confirmation, pre-filled information and reduced queue, help patients see a doctor sooner

Know doctor before visiting

Pre-validated and detailed profile of doctor, and patient recommendations build trust in the practitioner

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  • Find the Best Doctors
  • Minimal Wait Time
  • Manage the Appointments
  • Take the Appointment for Some one
  • Track Things
  • Maintain the History
  • Maintain the History
  • Doctor Pages
  • Medical Advices/Online Reviews
  • Updates by SMS
  • Doctors/Patients registration
  • Doctors/Patients management
  • Doctors Scheduling management
  • Doctors Time Off management
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