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Microsharp Management take responsibility to the stockholders very seriously. Our belief is that we maximize stockholder value by maintaining a long-term focus. Rather than thinking about ways in which we can create short-lived economic gains each quarter, we focus on serving our users and delivering the most relevant information as fast as we can. By providing the best user experience, we believe that we are building a company that will create more value, not just for our users, but ultimately also for our stockholders as well. In this note, I'd like to briefly mention several policies and steps we've taken to protect our stockholders' long-term interest, in accordance with corporate governance requirements.

We believe in the importance of building stockholder trust. We adhere to the highest levels of ethical business practices, as embodied by the MBCC (Microsharp Business Code of Conduct), which provides guidelines for ethical conduct by our directors, officers and employees. We think that we've created the optimal corporate structure to realize Microsharp's long-term potential and have established the appropriate financial controls and management oversight of our internal processes:

Shareholder grievance can also be sent through e-mail to the following designated id: info@microsharp.net
For queries relating to financial statements and investor matters, please contact: info@microsharp.net
Share transfers and communications regarding share certificates, dividends and change of address, please communicate with info@microsharp.net only

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