With the globalization of supply chains and increasing customer demand for innovation and low cost, manufacturers today need easy-to-use, flexible solutions to more effectively manage their business. Microsharp Manufacturing ERP addresses these needs with powerful, flexible, integrated-by-design process and discrete manufacturing solutions.

Microsharp delivers an innovative manufacturing industry web based ERP software solution which helps manufacturing enterprises stay lean, agile and competitive. We specialize in providing manufacturing software and ERP software that solves your business challenges and meets your unique and varied manufacturing industry-specific requirements.

Manufacturers who require production and assembly benefit from the adoption of Microsharp Manufacturing ERP Solution. The system is integrated with inventory, warehouse management, accounting and financial management, order management, customer relationship management, and ecommerce. Partner relationshp mangement also allows users to better manage their contact with network partners.

Microsharp Manufacturing ERP Solution suits small manufacturers who are looking out for streamline their business processes. Our solution also gives you a competitive advantage in today's dynamic market. The solution which we made is customizable as per the requirement of your Business process. Apart from the main Module it also provide you with various range of features such as receiving of materials, verification of your materials, capacity planning, measuring performance, Assets/ Machine management, Lot Tracking, scheduling etc.

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