Microsharp offers a India standard for interoperable products enabling a wide variety of value-added services, including information delivery(Trans SMS), location-based services(Vehicle & Human Tracking), secure mobile payments, mobile advertising(Promo SMS), payments, and peer-to-peer data-sharing services.

Mobile(SMS) Marketing is one of the cheapest marketing methods which is easy to handle and which also fetches good response. The greatest advantage of SMS Marketing over other advertising media is that it allows you to target specific potential customers or the customers in a specific area. Customers also tend to respond more to this type of advertising as they feel more personalized when they receive an SMS rather than seeing the same in newspaper, television etc. So in SMS marketing, the conversion rate of users is comparatively more than other available marketing methods at present.

Microsharp Mobile Commerce offerings enable commercial transactions such as payments, banking, and commerce on mobile phones. They also enable financial institues, merchants, and commercial entities to tap a larger pool of customers and target segments that have been out of reach until now.

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